Physiotherapy teacher
Specialised in UroGynaecology and rehabilitation of the perineum
at the European Centre for Gynaecological Research.

quoteAs a medical professional specialised in the rehabilitation of the perineum and urinary problems, I treat dozens of patients every day who suffer from urinary incontinence and distended bladders which over the years gradually lead to problems with emptying the bladder, residues and frequent urinary infections.

When I speak to these patients it often turns out that they avoid using public toilets or sitting down when they use them out of the fear of coming into contact with the toilet bowl. However it is absolutely essential to sit down with the upper body straight and the thighs supported in order to successfully empty the bladder. Urination is an act of relaxation; it is the act of release which leads to the comfortable, effortless and complete emptying of the bladder without leaving any residue inside the body.

For women, urination in a half-vertical position (urination without sitting) is unlikely to be complete and residual urine that remains inside the bladder can become infected.

This problem is also frequent amongst young girls who, influenced by their parents, are put off by unhygienic conditions and the risk of being disturbed when using the toilet at school or in public places, forcing themselves to hold it in for too long and to refrain from sitting when they urinate.

This is why I encourage all of my patients to never refrain from using the toilet, to listen to the needs of their bodies and, above all, to sit down properly and allow the muscles of the perineum to relax completely in order to urinate completely and comfortably.

WC Pocket is an interesting solution since at last people can sit down on public toilets with safety and confidence. It is very important that this new hygiene measure is adopted rapidly as part of everyday behaviour in order to prevent some of these conditions which I have to treat on a daily basis.”

Physiotherapy teacher

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