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Quotygiène Laboratories, the inventors of portable personal hygiene solutions, has given itself the challenge of providing innovative, practical and attractive products to meet everyone's regular personal hygiene needs. With the WC Pocket range, Quotygiène Laboratories has finally come up with the ultimate solution to the eternal public toilets problem: to sit or not to sit.

Public toilets are often badly maintained breeding grounds for the bacteria and viruses that can cause frequent health issues. For a single isolated company to try and resolve the problem of insufficient hygiene in public toilets may seem ambitious or even impossible. But this is the challenge that Michaël Amar has decided to take on by inventing a part of the solution and thus revolutionising the portable personal hygiene market sector. His idea: develop a portable personal hygiene product, WC Pocket and WC Pocket Kids, the first ever disposable personal toilet seat covers, a new essential part of your personal daily hygiene.

To sit or not to sit?


WC PocketWe can laugh, but this remains a genuine public health issue. Contact with dirty toilets is one of the main vectors for the transmission of gastroenteritis. Most people, especially women and young girls, either hold themselves in or refuse to sit down because of their fear of this. Holding it in can cause cystitis, and not sitting can block the complete release of the perineum and sphincters during urination causing the bladder to empty incompletely, this may then lead to urinary infections and distended bladders which may in turn lead to urinary incontinence.

On holiday, when travelling, at the office, at the restaurant, at school, etc... with WC Pocket: the days of holding it in or having to adopt acrobatic positions are gone.

WC Pocket
  • Protection from germs in Public toilets
  • Suitable for all toilet sizes
  • Easy to use
  • Flushes away automatically after use
  • Fits anywhere (bag, pocket, school bag, etc.)
  • Colourful and fashionable designs
  • Discreet, elegant and practical

Recyclable WC Pockets are 100% biodegradable
and environmentally friendly.


WC Pocket is the essential new daily hygiene product that everyone should have to hand.



Where to find our products

WC Pocket
WC Pocket is on sale in most supermarkets and pharmacies. Learn more.



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