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WC Pocket Papier ToiletteWC Pocket Toilet Paper

1 out of 3 pupils refuse to use school toilets because of the lack of hygiene and toilet paper!

This is one of the conclusions of a very serious survey of 1,700 French schools and colleges by the ONS (National Observatory for Safety and accessibility in educational institutions).

As a result children hold it in all day long, this not only reduces their capacity for concentration in class, leading to failure at school, but it also contributes to the development of many health symptoms, such as stomach pains, chronic constipation, urinary infections and urination problems.

Le professeur Michel Averous, Head of the Paediatric Urology department of the Montpellier University Hospital, was the first to warn public institutions about this serious child health issue: "This is a serious health problem which must not be ignored.  A child must urinate, and thus completely empty their bladder, at least five or six times a day to avoid the risk of infections. Not going to the toilet can cause numerous infections in children, in the long term it can cause serious complications during adulthood."

In direct response to this, Quotygiène laboratories have launched WC Pocket Toilet Paper, the first toilet paper that you can take with you everywhere!
No more rolls of toilet paper thrown in the back of the car, or toilet-blocking tissues used as an emergency measure in schools or restaurants.
Ingenious and practical, WC Pocket Toilet Paper (5.5 cm x 15 cm) fits easily in the pocket or the school bag. Protected in its dispenser, the toilet paper remains clean and available for around 30 uses.

WC Pocket Toilet Paper and WC Pocket Kids are the ideal solution to encourage children use the toilet at school with confidence.

WC Pocket Papier Toilette

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