Observatoire National de la Sécurité des établissements

In 2008 and 2013, the ONS (National Observatory for Safety and accessibility in educational institutions) published a report on the hygiene conditions of toilets in primary schools and their impact on child health. According to the ONS, primary school children were afraid to use the toilets, half of them complained of stomach pains and refused to use the toilets at their school.

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The ONS website: http://ons.education.gouv.fr

Extracts :

«This is a very serious health issue which should not be ignored as it is a major source of discomfort and even educational setbacks for children.»

«Nearly half of the children admit that they suffer from stomach pains because they could not use the toilets. This corresponds with the number of children who never use the toilets, or only if they absolutely have to.»

«When we asked for more details from the children, a sizeable number showed symptoms of health conditions related to insufficient use of toilets: serious or chronic constipation (15.1%), urinary infections (21.6%).»
These figures can be associated with those of the studies made by Professor Michel Averous, head of the paediatric urology service at the Montpellier University Hospital who observed «an increase in the number of consultations for urinary infections during school terms.»

«Doctor Gaulin, of the (French) Ministry of Education, found that there is a statistical correlation between the occurrence of urinary incontinence and the sanitary condition of school toilets.»

«Doctor Dornier, of the (French) Ministry of Education, has shown that the absence of toilet paper in the toilets can lead to vulvitis and urinary infections amongst young girls and that young boys refused to defecate, leading to constipation and stomach pains affecting their ability to concentrate on their school work.»



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