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Most children refuse to use their school toilets through fear of sitting on dirty toilet seats and consequently hold it in all day. This situation often leads to chronic constipation. But for young girls, urinary retention can lead to a distended bladder, when it is not completely emptied during urination, urine remains permanently in the bladder leading to frequent urinary infections.

Once they become adult a distended bladder may increase the risk of urinary incontinence. To avoid these problems it is therefore very important to encourage children to not refrain from going to the toilet. WC Pocket Kids, with its manga inspired designs, has been made especially for them.

Contact with dirty toilets is one of the main causes for the transmission of gastroenteritis, by avoiding direct contact between the skin and a dirty toilet seat, WC POCKET KIDS IS AN EFFECTIVE BARRIER AGAINST THE TRANSMISSION OF GASTROENTERITIS.


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