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WC PocketWC Pocket

WC Pocket is ideal for everyone who has to use public toilets on a daily basis, an essential item to have with you at all times. WC Pocket is compact and practical with an attractive design; the pack fits discreetly into your bag or pocket. At work, at the restaurant, during travel, in stations, airports or on the motorway... Thanks to WC Pocket your public toilet problems will be over!

Contact with dirty toilets is one of the main causes for the transmission of gastroenteritis, by avoiding direct contact between the skin and a dirty toilet seat, WC POCKET IS AN EFFECTIVE BARRIER AGAINST THE TRANSMISSION OF GASTROENTERITIS.

It is very important to encourage women of all ages to SIT DOWN WHEN URINATING since the muscles of the perineum and sphincters need to be entirely relaxed to ensure the complete emptying of the bladder. Urinary infections are often the result of the bladder not being emptied completely.

Urinary retention can lead to a distended bladder and considerably increase the risk of a weak sphincter and URINARY INCONTINENCE.


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