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La gamme WC Pocket

WC POCKET is the world's first range of disposable personal toilet seat covers, for better hygiene and protection from germs in public toilets.

Their colourful and fashionable designs are highly popular with consumers. WC Pockets are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly; they are easy to use and are simply flushed away after use.

WC POCKET is ideal to have with you at all times: in your pocket, bag or school bag. They are the new and essential way to ensure personal hygiene and protection from germs in public toilets.

WC Pocket

* Protect yourself against microbes and urinary problems

WC Pocket is ideal for everyone who has to use public toilets on a daily basis, an essential item to have with you at all times. WC Pocket is compact and practical with an attractive design; the pack fits discreetly into your bag or pocket. At work, at the restaurant, during travel, in stations, airports or on the motorway... Thanks to WC Pocket your public toilet problems will be over!

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WC Pocket Kids

* 1 out of 3 children refuses to use the school toilets.

Most children refuse to use their school toilets through fear of sitting on dirty toilet seats and consequently hold it in all day. This situation often leads to chronic constipation. But for young girls, urinary retention can lead to a distended bladder, when it is not completely emptied during urination, urine remains permanently in the bladder leading to frequent urinary infections. Once they become adult a distended bladder may increase the risk of urinary incontinence. To avoid these problems it is therefore very important to encourage children to not refrain from going to the toilet. WC Pocket Kids, with its manga inspired designs, has been made especially for them.

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WC Pocket Toilet Paper

1 out of 3 pupils refuse to use school toilets because of the lack of hygiene and toilet paper!

This is one of the conclusions of a very serious survey of 1,700 French schools and colleges by the ONS (National Observatory for Safety and accessibility in educational institutions).
As a result children hold it in all day long, this not only reduces their capacity for concentration in class, leading to failure at school, but it also contributes to the development of many health symptoms, such as stomach pains, chronic constipation, urinary infections and urination problems.

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Pocket Hygiene

In partnership with Preven's, Quotygiene, the inventor of portable personal hygiene solutions, has developed the first Pocket Hygiene Kit: a handy pocket-sized kit containing everything you and all of your family needs for your travel or routine personal hygiene needs.

The kit contains:
2 WC Pocket (1 x Adult + 1 x Kids) + 1 x 25ml Hand Sanitiser Gel + 1 x pack of 10 antiseptic wipes.

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